After voting has ended on November 15th, the top three winners in each category will be invited to compete Live at the Dallas Farmers Market on November 17th. In addition to walking the cat-walk, competitors will also be required to answer trivia questions and attempt to drink beer without getting any foam on their beard. 

Beard Trivia

Competitors will be asked beard trivia questions. If they do not know the answer or answer incorrectly, they are eliminated and the question goes to the next in line. The last remaining contestant wins the Trivia Portion and receives 5 points. Second place receives 3 points.


Each competitor is given a free, full mug of beer with plenty of foam. They must drink from the mug for 30 seconds without getting foam on their beard. The competitor with the least amount of foam on their beard wins 5 points. In the event of a tie, both competitors receive 5 points. Second place receives 3 points.


Competitors will strut their stuff on the cat-walk. Winner of the runway will be decided by audience applause and will receive 5 points. Second place receives 3 points.

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